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Ultimate Light Therapy to Treat the Debilitating Pain Caused by Neuropathy and Helps Patients Regain Function and Quality of Life

Neuropathy Pain Relief in Cape Coral, FL: Neuropathy affects approximately 10 to 20 million Americans. It is a condition where the nerves in the body are damaged and are not working correctly. Most of these people suffer from peripheral neuropathy and complain of numbness in the hands and feet, painful tingling sensations in the feet, night-time discomfort, pin-like sensations with each movement and other painful feelings that can linger on for years. Dr. Larry Johnson’s Cape Coral Medical Spa uses the Ultimate Light Therapy to provide patients with neuropathy pain relief.

Relieving Neuropathy Pain
with Ultimate Light Therapy

Rather than mask the pain while the condition gets worse, Body By Design Laser Spa implements the use of Ultimate Light Therapy as it is more natural, non-invasive, painless and effective. Instead of covering up the symptoms with harmful drugs that can lead to terrible site effects, this cutting-edge approach focuses on healing the damaged nerve endings.

Ultimate Light Therapy will work to stimulate the body’s tissues at the cellular level. The red and near-infrared light energy will penetrate the skin, and the mitochondria within the body’s cells will absorb it. This light absorption energizes the mitochondria and speeds up the healing process of the damaged nerves and the tissues surrounding them. Ultimate Light Therapy also increases the oxygenation of injured tissue as well as increases cellular function.

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